directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia

Bounce it up!

We worked with Bepanjel to make VFX for their “Jelly World” advertising. We had to get a bit creative to achieve the final result, but no spoilers, there is a breakdown on this page, go check it out!

Technical infos

  • Resolution : 2K
  • Team : 7 artists
  • Shoot : 3 days
  • Post-production : 7 weeks


Bouncy stairs, soft knives… breaking down the VFX

Discover how we created a world where nothing can possibly hurt you. To achieve this result we collaborated with the teams on set to create “fake” furniture and objects made out of tensed up green fabric and blue sticks full of trackers. These were then used by our team to make the VFX..

Scroll down to watch the full breakdown.