directed by Edouard le Scouarnec

Count the sheep to go to sleep...

Showcase of our work on one of the two films we did for Novanight by designing flying sheep and a dreamy night-sky environment. Scroll down for the breakdown!

Technical infos

  • Resolution : 2K
  • Team : 10 artists
  • Shoot : 2 days
  • Post-production : 6 weeks


Go straight to the clouds with a vfx breakdown
Showcasing a very special project not for its final result but the way we made it. Novanight contracted us to make two films at the same time, so we had to shoot on two sets simultaneously and prepare VFX for two different projects.

These included finding ways of seamlessly blending the actors into the advertising by making the movements and poses as natural as possible, while conceptualizing and creating the flying sheep as well as the environments from start to finish.

Here you can see that our teams fully modeled the environment on a blue screen background. This was done in order to get realistic physics without having to actually pull the actor into the air.

His face was also slightly modified to better fit the surroundings in the final clip.