Yumos Aikido

directed by James F. Coton

Straight out of a Ted movie with Yumos Aikido

We had the opportunity to work on yet another project with Yumos, bringing back the teddy bears to life. Scroll down to check out our VFX breakdown!

Technical infos

  • Resolution : 2K
  • Team : 10 artists
  • Shoot : 3 days
  • Post-production : 8 weeks


How we made 3D teddy bears invade the streets of Istanbul
In this project we mixed real actors with 3d teddy bears fully modeled and animated by our team. We pre-planned the animations by using motion capture on several actors and dancers to define a library that we can use, so that the teddies move just like a real person as needed in this kind of project.

Scroll down just a bit more to watch the breakdown video and see in detail how we made everything happen.