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The Seed is located near Paris, in a very dynamic city. We are close to two subway stations and many buses.
You can also save the planet and try what we call a bicycle (not so hard to use).

We use The Foundry’s Nuke as a primary compositing application. Our main 3D packages are Autodesk Maya and 3dsMax, with Redshift rendering those pretty pixels. And because we tend to be bored quickly we also use Photoshop, Hiero, Substance Painter and many, many proprietary The Seed tools that we developed ourselves over the last years.

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VFX & Post Production DirectorPermanent ContractOctober 2022
What we’re looking for:

The company, in strong growth, is evolving its activities and starting an important development phase in a sector in full mutation. The Seed will start the production of several important projects in visual effects and 3D animation, and is therefore looking to consolidate its production team.


The VFX & Post-production Director will be in charge of the general technical direction of the projects produced by The Seed, as well as a critical eye on the artistic aspects of the projects. His/her primary objective will be to find the best technical, financial and planning ratio in order to best meet the artistic demands. In continuous collaboration with the Production Manager, he/she will work on the costing and the exchanges with the clients before, during and after the production of the projects.

He/she will supervise the most important projects and direct the VFX supervisors and/or production managers needed on the other projects. He/she will work in accordance with the production schedules and leads of each department. He/she will organize meetings and project follow-ups with the teams, and will report to the studio management the human, software and hardware needs to meet the technical issues of the projects and the company.

The VFX & Post Production Director will demonstrate knowledge and mastery of 3D production tools and work methods and will demonstrate leadership in directing his/her team. He/she will need to be collaborative and demonstrate a high level of work ethic, while developing junior and mid-level artists.

The Production Manager and her team will assist the VFX & Post Production Manager in her daily work so that she can focus on the technical and artistic aspects of the projects as well as the overall vision.

What you need to know:


- Technical and artistic creativity reinforced by solid general knowledge
- Knowledge of the VFX and 3D animation production chain
- General knowledge of modeling, rendering, animation, texturing, lighting, materials, FX, rigs and compositing techniques and processes.
- Several years of experience in the VFX industry and in particular in one or more medium to large size studios in France or abroad.
- Experience in project tracking via a tool such as Kitsu, ShotGrid or similar.
- Experience in On Set Supervision
- Advanced leadership required
- Good communication skills required
- Good adaptability and ability to make proposals
- Proficiency in Nuke Studio and/or Resolve is a plus
- Fluency in English (spoken and written)
- Be cool


- Team work
- Being a team player
- Going to the movies and watching SVOD
- The life

Lead CompositorTemporary contractAugust - September 2022
What we’re looking for:

The "lead compo" is responsible for all the components of a visual produced in compositing. He/she directs the production of the graphic designers and coordinates all their activities, from the first sketches to the final rendering of the characters, objects, sets, etc. (assets). In collaboration with the Lead 3D, the VFX Supervisor and the Post Production Director, he ensures that the project runs smoothly, respecting the various deadlines.

What you need to know:

Human skills :

-Management: prioritizing, organizing and coordinating the daily tasks of the team to ensure that deadlines and quality are maintained.
-Overall vision: evaluation of the time needed to accomplish tasks, general artistic vision of the project in accordance with the client's needs.
-Constant motivation: personal involvement in the project, driving force for the teams supervised, proactive.
-Good communication and organizational skills: team player, reactive.

Technical skills :

-Level of experience : Senior
-Perfect control of Nuke.
-Good skills on 3DsMax.
-Notion on Maya.
-Artistic checking and validation: the assets/environments etc must match our quality standards, and the client's vision.
-Knowledge of any other software is appreciated.

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