directed by Jonathan Helpert

"What if you were the last one on Earth ?"

In a post-apocalyptic time, the earth has been rendered toxic, and most of humanity has abandoned the planet and colonized one of Jupiter’s moons, IO. But young scientist Sam Walden has stayed behind and dedicated herself to finding a way for human beings to survive on Earth. After sending out a radio transmission to see if she can locate anyone else, a man named Micah arrives. He believes there is no hope of survival and intends to take the final shuttle to IO in 48 hours.

Technical infos

  • Resolution : 4K
  • Team : 8 artists
  • Supervision : 5 weeks
  • Post-production : 11 weeks
  • Shots : 40
lookdev clouds simulation smoke
fire simulation mattepainting
rotoscopy matchmove


Lift off in 3, 2, 1...
The whole team worked day and night on this project to deliver the most believable VFX possible in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting. IO was our first collaboration in a large production and it paved the way for many more projects.

Scroll down for a VFX breakdown to see the work we did on some key scenes for the movie. We went all-in with volumetric clouds and smoke simulation, fire simulation, matte painting, animation, compositing and much more.